Parenting Workshops at My Little School -

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Fall Dates: 10/30, 12/2

Workshops are led by Susan Meisler - see bio below


  • 10/30: Peaceful Parenting
  • 12/2: Food

Susan Meisler

Susan Meisler has devoted the past 40 years to helping children thrive and supporting their parents through their parenting journey. She recently retired as Director of the Huntington Jewish Center Pre-School, where she oversaw the highly successful program for almost 30 years. Previously she taught second grade and pre-school. Susan's expertise is connecting with children and guiding their parents through the development stages of raising them. She developed her passion for nurturing families after starting a parent-and-me group in Singapore, where she lived with her husband and became a mother herself. Being surrounded by families from all over the world exposed her to a variety of parenting styles and sparked a lifelong interest in family dynamics. Susan has written hundreds of articles on parenting, continues to serve as a trusted counselor to countless parents, and has developed and led numerous parent-and-me programs. She received her Masters in Education from Adelphi University. A devoted mother and proud grandmother, Susan resides in Bayside with her husband of 43 years.