Chana Paris

Founder & Executive Director

Chana Paris and her husband, Rabbi Zalman Paris, are the executive directors of Chabad of Tribeca, which My Little School is a division of.  Recognizing the need for a nurturing & progressive Jewish Preschool in the neighborhood, Chana founded My Little School in 2010. She set out to create a preschool where children could thrive under the guidance of educators, who brought to their students rich and meaningful experiential child-centered learning that fully integrated modern educational methodologies with Jewish values. Chana & Rabbi Zalman and their five children live in Tribeca, and are proud of the stellar educational program that My Little School has grown into along with the other divisions of Chabad of Tribeca, offering a warm and welcoming home for vibrant Jewish life in the neighborhood. 


Jordana Cohen Fruchter, MS.Ed 

School Director & Director of Admissions

Jordana is entering her seventh year at My Little School. She received a BA with honors from The University of Michigan and a MS in Elementary Inclusive Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities from Columbia University. Following graduate school Jordana was a founding faculty member at Avenues: The World School, and was the Assistant Director and Director of Admissions at My Little School from 2014-2018. Jordana was drawn to early childhood education because of the fundamental role these brief yet enchanting years play in the lives of both children and their parents. She believes that a preschool's responsibility extends beyond educating, nurturing and inspiring children, and is inclusive of parents and family members, in that they too should have the resources and support necessary to confidently navigate their parenting journeys. Jordana works collaboratively with the Director of Education and the teachers at MLS to ensure that each classroom's curriculum is informed by the 'best practices' in progressive early childhood education, that Jewish values guide classroom culture and enhance learning experiences, and that a profound respect for each child lies at the heart of every interaction. Jordana's expertise also include her organizational skills, and she is committed to constantly reflecting and building upon the school's infrastructure to meet the needs of parents, teachers and children.


Lemor Balter, MA.Ed

Assistant Director

Lemor received a BS with honors from The College of New Jersey and an MA in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College at Columbia University. Lemor joins us from the independent school world of New York City, most recently as consultant and administrator. Prior to serving as an administrator, she spent several years in the classroom as a head teacher. Lemor is a member of the most recent graduating cohort of the NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) Emerging Leaders Institute, a competitive and extensive professional development experience that further prepared her for her roles in leadership. She very much enjoys the self-reflective process and creative problem solving involved in supporting teachers and children in various areas of the classroom, and is passionate about curriculum development and working with children. Lemor strongly believes in pairing pillars of Judaism with greater social responsibility to foster well-rounded, compassionate citizens.

A collaborative nature, appreciation for humor in learning and in all relationships, emphasis on self-reflection and growth, strong organizational skills and more are just part of what Lemor brings with her to My Little School.


Miryam Golding 

Director of Operations

Miryam has been working at MLS for four years. In her role she ensures that efficient systems are designed and executed, allowing teachers to maximize their time focusing on children and curriculum, and ensuring that parents have a positive and stress free experience when working with the MLS office. Miryam is thoughtful and patient in her approach to managing logistics and the needs of various individuals within the organization, and can always be relied on to have a smile on her face. 


Susie Meisler 

Parent Educator & Early Childhood Specialist

Susie is entering her fifth year at MLS as our beloved Parent Educator & Early Childhood Specialist. In her role Susie is involved in supporting and guiding parents, teachers and children in all aspects of classroom life. Susie is an active teacher in our Toddler Caregiver & Me Classes, during which she shares her deep knowledge and understanding of child development, and facilitates conversations amongst parents and caregivers to support their growth in their parenting journey. Prior to joining My Little School Susie devoted 40 years of her life to helping children and parents thrive, first as a teacher and then as Director of the Huntington Jewish Center Pre-School, where she oversaw the highly successful program for almost 30 years. Susie's expertise is connecting with kids and guiding their parents through the development stages of raising children.  She developed her passion for nurturing families after starting a parent-and-me group in Singapore, where she lived with her husband and became a mother herself.  Being surrounded by families from all over the world exposed her to a variety of parenting styles and sparked a lifelong interest in family dynamics.  Susan has written hundreds of articles on parenting, continues to serve as a trusted counselor to countless parents, and has developed and led numerous parent-and-me programs.  She received her Masters in Education from Adelphi University.

Yonatan Gutfeld

Music Educator

Yonatan Gutfeld grew up in Jerusalem, where he studied music composition. He was active in the Tel Aviv singer-songwriter scene and toured the country with his band after releasing his debut album. Yonatan has been living in NYC since 2012, where he records his songs, writes music for theater productions, and teaches children in schools and programs throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. In 2017 he released Time’s Tyranny, an album of new compositions to Shakespeare sonnets in Hebrew translation.


Professional, dedicated, and loving- these words speak volumes about the team at My Little School. Equipped with years of study and professional experience, our staff strives continuously to respond to the individual needs of each child. 

Employing cutting-edge methodology and liberal doses of warm, loving care, our staff creates activities that engage children’s natural curiosities. My Little Schools' staff creates a supportive environment conducive to the co-construction of knowledge between teachers and children.

As co-constructors, our teachers have multiple, fluid roles as collaborators, researchers, and learners based on the needs of the children and the demands of the explorative learning activity.


Morah Mel


Morah Caroline


Morah Lauren


Morah Aviva


Morah Chaya

DSC_1849.jpgMorah Miriam


Morah Rebecca


Morah Chani


Morah Jamie


Morah Esther

Professional Development

Our teachers and staff have many opportunities for professional development throughout the year. We provide professional development that addresses all aspect of educating the whole child. Some of the professional development opportunities our staff has participated in include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Leada division of the Jewish Education Project 
  • The Paradigm Project
  • Rena Allen,  Developmental Learning and Special Education Consultant
  • Come Learn With Us, A Summer Learning Series for Early Educators at the JCC Manhattan  
  • Elizabeth McKenna, Educational Consultant, Exponential Returns, LLC
  • Robin Koo, Teaching Beyond the Square
  • Rick EllisMEd, Bank Street College of Education: The Reggio-Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education
  • Dana RosenbloomM.S. Ed., "Dana's Kids:" Separation
  • Susan MeislerEarly Childhood Education Consultant and Parent Educator: Developmental milestones throughout the pre-school years
  • Talia Fenster, RN, CPR Instructor: CPR & First Aid
  • Loren Norman-LennonOTR/L: Spring Ahead Pediatric Therapy
  • Heather Boerner, Chatty Child Speech Therapy, PLLC
  • Jewish Education Project, In-Site-Ful Journeys 2015- Reggio Emilia Wonder of Learning Exhibit, NYC
  • Learning Without Tears: Pre-K Readiness and Writing Workshop
  • Selwyn Falk, Epic Security: Safety in School
  • Amit Meir, Security Manager: Emergency procedures
  • Learning Without Tears Workshop