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My First Class - Moms of children 0-12mo - Fall 2019

My First Class - Moms of children 0-12mo - Fall 2019
MLS has adapted it's unique brand of preschool and toddler education to My First Class, a new parenting and infant program. Each class is carefully curated to cover a variety of topics relating to parenting and family dynamics. Designed by Jordana Fruchter, MLS' Preschool Director and Susie Meisler, MLS's beloved parent educator, MFC provides an opportunity to meet new moms and bond in a warm and nurturing environment, while participating in an interactive facilitated dialogue that will provide you with the tools to go forth on your journey with confidence and authenticity. We will have play materials available for your children, and you are welcome to attend with or without your child.
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My First Class @ MLS   Nov 6 - Dec 11, 2019
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