MLS COVID19 Response Plan (as of October 2021): 


Masking Wearing & Social Distancing

  • Based on the CDC and Dept. of Health recommendations for schools, all individuals ages 2 years and above, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to mask while indoors at school. We will lovingly support all of the children as they adapt or re-acclimate to mask wearing and we will reevaluate the requirement of masks as new information is available

  • When outdoors, masks are optional  for all 

  • Parents and caregivers must be masked while waiting outside school during arrival and dismissal

  • Classes will remain in cohorts/pods, with little intersection. If more than one class is together in the same space, they will be distanced appropriately (more than 6 feet apart)

  • With the exception of snack/lunch and rest time, we will not be expecting children to distance within their classroom cohort during the day


Quarantine/Isolation Protocol

  • If your child or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, please inform the Director, Jordana Fruchter, immediately 

  • Unvaccinated Individuals

    • Covid Positive

      • If an unvaccinated individual tests positive for COVID, he/she must isolate for 10 days and may return to school on day 11 with a doctor’s note (a COVID test is not required) and pending he/she is symptom free and has not had fever for at least  24 hours without the use of medications

        • Please note that if an unvaccinated individual tests positive for COVID-19, but was not in contact with anyone from MLS 48 hours prior to the positive test or symptoms, only that individual would isolate, and the class can remain in session. However, if the individual tests positive and was in contact with anyone from MLS 48 hours prior to the positive test or symptoms, the class will close and children will follow the below protocol for Covid Exposure

    • Covid Exposure 

      • If an unvaccinated individual is exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID, he/she must quarantine for 7 days and receive a PCR test on or after day 5 and may return to school on day 8 and pending he/she is symptom free and the PCR test is negative

  • Vaccinated Individuals 

    • Covid Positive

      • If a vaccinated individual tests positive for COVID, he/she must isolate for 10 days and may return to school on day 11 with a doctor’s note (a COVID test is not required) and pending he/she is symptom free and has not had fever for at least  24 hours without the use of medications

    • Covid Exposure

      • If a vaccinated individual is exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID, he/she may return to school as long as he/she is asymptomatic, and a PCR test must also be obtained 3-5 days after their last exposure. Masking at all times, including outdoors, will be required until the negative test is received.  

  • Please note, the sibling of a COVID positive case must also exercise quarantine per the guidelines above.

  • MLS will only offer a Zoom option if a class or child is in quarantine or isolation due to testing positive for COVID. If just an individual is in quarantine, there will be select times during the day to Zoom in; if the class is in quarantine there will be a more substantial virtual offering. We will be in touch with more information should this be necessary. For any other absence, MLS will not be providing the option to Zoom into the classroom

  • In the event that there are two or more unrelated positive COVID cases, the school will close for contact tracing. The length of the school closing will depend on the amount of time needed to investigate. If there is a clear link between the cases or a source external to the school identified, then the remaining unaffected classes can return to school, with the exception of other children that may need to quarantine. If the contact tracing demonstrates evidence of widespread community transmission within the school, the whole school will pause for 10 days.  

  • The State and Local Health Department will continue to provide the school guidance on cases of exposures. 



  • We will  inform the class and any other relevant individuals if there is an exposure or positive Covid case  

  • Please note, to protect the privacy of every individual, we will not be able to share any details about who associated with a particular classroom has tested positive


Travel & Testing

  • New York State is currently recommending CDC guidelines for travel; MLS strongly recommends families follow the CDC guidelines regarding domestic and international travel based on yours and your child’s vaccination status; and, that prior to returning to school from air travel, or travel to a state out of the contiguous states, you provide the school with a negative PCR test

  • At this point MLS will not be requiring regular testing, however, if any individual is taking part in activities or events (in addition to travel) that put them at higher risk for COVID because they cannot physically distance as needed, such as attending large indoor gatherings, or being unmasked in crowded or poorly ventilated indoor settings, we strongly recommend you test your child.


Parents/Caregivers At School & Vaccinations

  • Parents and/or caregivers will drop off and pick up their child at the 54 Reade Street entrance (parents/caregiver will not be coming into the building during this time)

  • We look forward to inviting parents and/or caregivers into the building for special events, during school visits and separation, as detailed below. Please note, proof of vaccination will be required to enter the building. *Please do not come into the building if you are experiencing any symptoms at all.

    • School Visits: One parent or caregiver per child is welcomed to accompany each child into their classroom during school visits

    • Separation: We will welcome one parent or caregiver per child into the classroom during the separation process. We look forward to sharing more details with you during our Zoom Separation Workshop with our Parent Education Susie Meisler, on September 9th at 7:30pm (same Zoom details as above)

  • Classroom & School Events: We plan to invite parents into the building throughout the year for intimate experiences (i.e Shabbat Parties, Mystery Reader, Birthdays). We hope to also welcome parents into the building for class and holiday events (i.e open classrooms, Chanukah party, etc.) and will communicate with you about these plans closer to the time. In order to maintain a safe classroom environment, we will limit the number of parents that will be in the classroom at a time and require parents to wear masks at all times while they are visiting

  • All MLS teachers and administrators will be fully vaccinated


Student Health Screening

  • All parents (on behalf of their children) will be asked to download the Remini app to their phones and will complete a daily health screening for their child. The answers will inform whether or not to proceed with sending your child to school. This health screening will help keep anyone sick or feeling symptomatic at home and away from the school community to help stop the spread of the virus

  • Temperature checks and an overall wellness check at arrival

  • Health monitoring throughout the school day 


Sick Policy 

  • MLS will require a negative PCR test or a doctor’s note for any individual who is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 in order to return to school (see more details below). We will ONLY accept PCR tests 

  • If your child is experiencing any of the below symptoms, you should keep your child home from school and provide either a doctor’s note or a negative PCR test to return, as well as be symptom free without medicine for 24 hours. 

    • Fever (100 or higher) or chills

    • Cough or sore throat

    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    • Fatigue or any changes in the child’s baseline 

    • Muscle or body aches

    • Headache

    • New loss of taste or smell

    • Congestion or runny nose

    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

  • All vaccinated individuals will be required to get a doctor’s note or a negative COVID test to return to school if they are experiencing any of the symptoms above 

  • Sibling health protocol: If a sibling is sick, the healthy sibling must remain at home until the sick sibling has seen a doctor and/or received a COVID test result. Please note, you may not send your child or your child’s sibling to school while awaiting the results of his/her COVID test

  • If a child develops symptoms during the school day, he/she will be isolated from the rest of the class with a staff member and a parent/caregiver will be asked to promptly pick him/her up; in order to return to school you must provide  a doctor’s note or a negative PCR test, as well as ensure your child has been symptom free for 24 hours without medicine.  


Commitment from MLS Families

  • Assumption of Risk Agreement & Health Screening One Time Attestation Form: links can be found through the Student Forms

  • Daily Temperature Checks & Health Screening through Remini 
  • Monitoring student health and communicating with My Little School openly about health concerns
  • Follow all policies and procedures to support a healthy community and mitigate the risk of the virus spreading
  • Provide proof of vaccination and complete symptom screen to attend indoor events

  • We encourage that any playdates and gatherings outside of school, especially with different cohorts, be done safely; outdoors when possible, masked indoors when possible, with a small number of households when possible


Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Cleaning and disinfection of all shared spaces, gross-motor activity areas, equipment, and supplies between each group 

  • Cleaning of high touch surfaces throughout the day by teachers and facility personnel

  • All of our cleaning supplies are EPA approved and on a list of New York State registered/approved sanitizers and disinfectants effective against Covid-19

  • We will forgo the use of soft toys and dress-up-clothes for now, as these items are harder to clean regularly (we will reassess this decision at a later date)

  • Weather permitting, and to the extent practicable while maintaining the health and safety of students and teachers, windows will remain open for optimal air circulation. Additionally, every classroom will use a Levoit Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier which will support better air quality in these spaces, and all HVAC filters have already been replaced with MERV 13 filters, the highest protective air filter to combat the spread of airborne viruses


Individual Safety Measures

  • Mandatory hand washing and sanitization protocol throughout the day (hand sanitizing stations are installed where sinks are not available)

  • Washing hands when visibly soiled

  • Snacks will be provided and will be individually served (as opposed to previous years where snacks were served family style). Children will be physically distanced at snacktime